Healing & Feel Good Candles

Small business that provides healing and feel good candles. These candles are handmade and were tested. Materials used are all natural soy wax and ecofriendly wicks. There are varieties of scents that are categories into four different collections such as, seasonal, floral, healing: (stress, anxiety, and sleep) and feel good scented candles. These candles were made out of love. It's all good energy and good vibe. This small business was designed to spread love, peace, joy, and postivity with one candle at a time.

Thanks for shopping at Healing & Feel Good Candles online store.

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From The Founder

Hi Beautiful People, 

Thank You for stopping by my store! I sell homemade 100% all natural lightly scented soy candles that I personally make myself from start to finish. All of my candles are made with love and care. 

A little bit about me. I work with children that struggle and are diagnosed with mental illness, severe behaviors and autism.

Times can be very challenging in everyone's life. This is why “Self Care” is very important to make time for. Sometimes as humans, we need some down time to reset our mind before we do it all over again. 

So vibe with me and take care of oneself because Healing & Feel Good Candle is a “Vibe”. 

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