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Healing & Feel Good Candles

Small Glass Feel Good Scented Candle

Small Glass Feel Good Scented Candle

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"Good Energy"


Small glass feel good scented candle is a vibe. It helps set the mood in any settings. Sometimes people need some alone time to take care of self, relax the body and mind. Life can be difficulty at times because you never know when it may threw you a curveball. With small glass feel good scented candle can bring relaxation, reduce stress, improve your mood, and allows your mind to escape to memories lane. We all need that self care and self healing to conquer any task or goal. 

Therefore, vibe with us by using Healing & Feel Good Candles


Handmade soy wax candle. 100%  all natural soy wax. Small glass feel good scented candle varies in scents such as vanilla. black raspberry, rain, sandalwood & lemon.


Vanilla- Vanilla Bean & Fresh Cream. 

Sandalwood- Amber, Dark Musk, & Sandalwood. 

Rain- Jasmine, Musk, Lilac of the Valley, Rose, Sandalwood, Green Leaves & Ozone. 


Our goal is to bring, joy, healing, and positivity with one candle at a time. 

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2.9 W by 3.5 L

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